• Image of Mr Noodle's Adventure Bag

Mr Noodle has a consuming day job as Moose + Pine's CFO. On the weekends, he wants to let loose and have some extreme fun to counter the stress of the busy week! He especially loves hiking, swimming and socializing with his young professional canine friends.

For the equipment for these weekend adventures, Noodle needs a roomy bag. He helped his human design a bag with lots of pockets for all the gear. On the outside of the bag there is a dedicated pocket for a bottle of his chosen beverage. An easy-access zippered pocket on the flap is great for his human's valuables and a phone for those action photos! For those moments when nature calls, a bag dispenser on the outside of the bag comes in handy. When the paparazzi act too friendly (happens a lot, being so handsome!), a Pet Corrector spray is important to be quickly accessible. In addition to these, there are one large pocket on the backside of the bag and two smaller ones hidden under the flap of the bag.

Size of Mr Noodle's Adventure bag: 11" tall, 10" tall and 3" deep. The shoulder strap is fully adjustable up to approx. 52".

This bag is made with sturdy dark blue denim and it is lined with off white cotton canvas. All hardware used is silver colored metal.

For more color and size selection, please visit MooseAndPine.etsy.com

This bag is made to order and customizing the size, color, pockets etc is not a problem. Contact Moose + Pine for more information!

About Mr Noodle: Mr Noodle was found on the side of a highway in Dallas with both his hind legs badly broken. He was taken to Dallas Animal Services who took excellent care of him until Rockwall Pets took him in. Rockwall Pets got him the surgeries he needed and today he is doing great! He shares his adventurous life with three-legged dog Poodle mix Morgan and 11 year old English Toy Terrier Johnny.